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Published on December 1st, 2016 | by admin


Motivational ,Challenge and Reflection opportunities in CCS

Second level schools in the Ireland of 2016 are drawn most earnestly into equipping students of all ages to grow as young adults in a digitally connected world.

Recently C.C.S provided Junior and senior students with a number of personal development days to help them focus on the changes in their lives, searching out their identity and becoming aware of the wholesome ways in which they can find support in life.

Mike Short and his Team from “An Tobar Nua”  in Galway engaged the Leaving certs in a variety of reflective experiences in particular Christian mindfulness Meditation. The students became aware that by being skilled in mindful meditation, they could have a way to enable them be content with whom they are in the world right now and find peace and calm in their busy lives and relationships.

Junior certs spent their day guided by Fr Benny Mc Hale. The students focused on issues such as self-esteem, friendship, aspiring to their potential and the possible support an active faith life can bring to them.

Later on in the week 5th years were privileged to listen to Jason Maupin; a motivational speaker and youth worker from the USA. Jason’s programme was designed to help students make right choices. Using humour and telling his compelling life story he urged students to stop wearing masks ( hiding  behind alcohol, drugs ,gambling , fake self-images and online-relationships ) and realise their full potential. He challenged those listening to work to deal with and overcome issues like bullying , poor self-image , suicidal thoughts and serious loss or change in life by asking for help before this “ Stuff” overwhelms them and acts as a self defeating trap.

Over all, the message was clear. At all stages of life people will meet struggles and disappointments. To cope and thrive with the ups and downs of life people need to be skilled in resilience and adaptability. People are not born with these skills yet we all have the capacity to learn them. Jason’s Wife Jennifer a professional musician, brought the session to an end with a note of encouragement singing the song “Ghost”- by Ella Henderson .

The school wishes to express its appreciation to all facilitators over the days and to Ms. M Colleary ( School Chaplain ) for making these opportunities possible.


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