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Supervised Evening Study

Supervised Evening Study is available to all students from 4.15 – 6.15pm Monday – Friday

Evening Study Regulations

The aim of the Evening Study Programme is to provide students with a safe, quiet and warm environment to study after school.  To ensure that this environment is maintained the following regulations need to be adhered to by the school, parents/guardians and the registered student.

  1. Parents will contact the school, preferably through a note in the registered students’ homework journal if the registered student cannot attend evening study. This note must be presented to the Evening Study Supervisor / Deputy Principal no later than 2pm on the day of the evening study.


  1. The school will contact parents or guardians by text if a student is not present at evening study. Where a text has been sent to the parent, the registered student is required to furnish the Evening Study Supervisor / Deputy Principal with a note from the parent / guardian outlining the reason for absence from evening study the previous evening.


  1. It is the students’ responsibility to present themselves to the study hall on time, with their required materials. Students will not be permitted into the study hall after commencement.  Required materials / toilet breaks are to be taken before or after study period to avoid disruption.


  1. Students and staff must maintain a quiet environment for study. Any disruption, breach of school rules or disrespect for students or staff will be addressed by the school disciplinary procedures.


  1. Use of mobile phones / iPods / electronic equipment (unless Dept. of Education authorised) are not permitted during study.


  1. Students deemed to be unsuitable for the Evening Study Programme because of behavioural problems will be removed from the programme. In this instance, fees are non-refundable.


While every effort will be made to accommodate all interested students, where Evening Study is over-subscribed, priority will be given to students of examination years.

Evening Study registration form

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